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China is expected to become a large forging the world's leading supplier

National Development and Reform Commission deputy director of the State Council, the revitalization of the Northeast Office Director Zhang has revealed that the global recovery in the construction of nuclear power to make a serious shortage of large forgings, Chinese enterprises have the ability to become the world"s leading supplier of large forgings, China is expected to become the world"s leading large forgings producer.

From the great demand at home and abroad today and our potential processing capacity, Chinese enterprises will be able to become the world"s leading supplier of large forgings. Tonnage by China First Heavy Industries to design and manufacture the world"s largest, most technologically advanced heavy free forging hydraulic press 15 000t successful test on December 30, 2007.

Large equipment manufacturing large forgings are widely used in a variety of industries, basic industries necessary for the automotive, aerospace, petrochemical and metallurgical industries. The CFHI independent design and manufacture of the world tonnage of the largest contemporary control technology 15,000 t successful development of free forging hydraulic press, greatly enhance our large forgings manufacturing level and ability.

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